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On Mon, 2023-05-29 at 17:28 +0530, Ravi GH wrote:
> I tried the suggested option of TDE , to enable Cluster Level Encryption. I had followed the
> "Installation from Source Code" method with --with-ssl=openssl parameter to ./configure during build.
> 1. Please confirm the enabling encryption is possible only by install from source with --with-ssl parameter?

Sounds right.

> 2. I could enable encryption using PG 12 with patched version provided at here , do we need to purchase
>    the product or is it possible with Postgres source shared at

It is free open source.
You can get the patched version for different releases here:

> We are using Ubuntu 22 and we will prefer to go with TDE cluster level encryption, please advise can we try
> to implement it by install from source ( with shared source at )
> or need to purchasing TDE patched version is mandatory to enable cluster level encryption?

That should be here:

Laurenz Albe

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