Re: ERROR: invalid message format and FATAL: invalid frontend message type XX logs

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A casual look for similar messages using your search engine of choice should show  similar historical threads and bugs being filed with different clients.

Client is sending invalid or unexpected messages to PostgreSQL.

Where I would start:
1. Ensure pgBouncer and npgsql versions are latest supported for server version.

2. npgsql (.net library?) may also use an ODBC or JDBC driver, ensure that is up to date for server version as well if applicable.

Checking client versions is probably less effort than performing packet capture(s) to try to determine which thing is sending bogus messages (pgBouncer or applications).

Best regards,

Dan Smith

On Fri, May 12, 2023, 04:57 fatih abztn <fatihabztn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    We're seeing  lots of  errors  in postgres server logs, we have no idea about them.  Especially  under higher load, it seems to happen more frequently.  There are thousands:

 ERROR:  invalid message format
 FATAL:  invalid frontend message type 0 
 FATAL:  invalid frontend message type  32
 FATAL:  invalid frontend message type  101
 FATAL:  invalid frontend message type  34
 FATAL:  invalid frontend message type XX

  What does it mean and  how to solve this problem?  

and our environment:

npgsql -> pgBouncer 1.17 ( in transaction mode )-> pg14.4

I am waiting for your comments...

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