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Hey all,

I wrote a tool that can manage PostgreSQL permissions from a config file. The config file describes your desired roles and grants and syncs them to your PostgreSQL cluster. This allows you to manage your permissions in Git, for example.

You can find detailed instructions and the binaries at

Here's some example config to show its features:

    password: SCRAM-SHA-256$4096:...
    createdb: true
- mydatabase
- mydatabase.myschema
- roles: [yourname]
  privileges: [CONNECT, TEMPORARY]
  databases: [mydatabase]
- roles: [yourname]
  privileges: [CREATE, USAGE]
  schemas: [mydatabase.myschema]
- roles: [yourname]
  privileges: [SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE]
  tables: [mydatabase.otherschema.*]

Let me know if you find any bugs or need any missing features. It'd be great to hear people find this useful :)

-- Jille
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