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Hello, I would like to ask a few questions about pg_upgrade when using
--link option to avoid copying data files.

1. After running pg_upgrade but before starting new cluster, is it 100%
safe to abort and go back to using the old cluster? For example:

/usr/PostgreSQL/15/bin/pg_upgrade --link \
  --old-datadir "/data/pgdb" \
  --new-datadir "/data/" \
  --old-bindir "/usr/PostgreSQL/9.6/bin" \
  --new-bindir "/usr/PostgreSQL/15/bin"

Upgrade succeeds but before I start the new cluster, I change my mind
and want to revert to using the old cluster. Can I simply revert to
using PostgreSQL 9.6 with these commands:

rm -rf /data/
mv /data/pgdb/global/pg_control.old /data/pgdb/global/pg_control

Am I correct in thinking that apart from pg_control file, "pg_upgrade
--link" does not modify the old cluster files in any incompatible ways?

2. Older pg_upgrade binary did not support --jobs argument. When
upgrading from such older clusters, running the latest "pg_upgrade
--jobs=N" fails at the very start. Is this expected?

3. I'm a bit confused about the correct procedure when it comes to
upgrading primary and standby clusters. Looking at it mentions the

"If you are upgrading standby servers using methods outlined in section
Step 11, verify that the old standby servers are caught up by running
pg_controldata against the old primary and standby clusters. Verify
that the “Latest checkpoint location” values match in all clusters.
(There will be a mismatch if old standby servers were shut down before
the old primary or if the old standby servers are still running.) Also,
make sure wal_level is not set to minimal in the postgresql.conf file
on the new primary cluster."

Does this mean pg_upgrade will not work on standby if it is out of sync
with the primary? The page also talks about using rsync to copy data
from primary to standby server. I would like to avoid doing large data
copy. Are these upgrade steps likely to work:

a) Disable replication temporary.
b) Stop standby server and run pg_upgrade.
c) Stop primary server and run pg_upgrade.
d) Enable replication and start primary and standby and allow them to
synchronize their data.


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