Re: configure /etc/pam.d/crond to use pam_mount

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On 08.10.16 11:55, Simone Gaiarin wrote:
Hi I have a LUKS encrypted disk that I mount during the login phase using
pam_mount. The problem I'm facing is that cron jobs cannot see the the
content of the disk.

After an intensive research I've understood that I need to configure
/etc/pam.d/crond in order to properly load the pam_mount module. I've tried
this without any success, so I'm asking here to get some help from an
expert of PAM.

I''ve configured pam_mount using these instructions:

I wonder if pam_mount does not need user's password in orderto mount the
encrypted filesystem. Otherwise it would be quite useless to have it
encrypted, wouldn't it?

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