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On 1/2/2012 12:34 AM, Steffen Mueller wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> thanks for sharing.
> On 12/29/2011 01:21 AM, ben wrote:
>> Announcing... (Drum roll, please) the first publicly available version
>> of libPam_Perl: 0.001 codename theoretically functional.
>> I have not yet registered the namespace and I'm still tweaking the
>> handling of constants but it appears to work.
> Superficial comment: It's customary not to use underscores in Perl
> module names. In modules, you CamelCase::Or::Colons, in corresponding
> distribution names, use dashes instead of the double-colons.

I was aware of this, which was my reason for doing so. I have not run
this by the folks pause yet, but my thoughts on the namespace would be
as follows: my main module would be PAM::Module or Authen::PAM::Module,
Internal (not intended for public use sub modules would be
...::Module::_foo, framework modules such as test cases and pragmas
which would change the behavior of the main module would be
...::Module::foo and actual authentication modules would be
...::Module::Foo. I would welcome any comments or criticism of this thought.

Related question: is there a way to restrict @INC for the duration of
one method call? Specifically I was thinking that to follow pam
conventions the Modules should reside in /lib/security/perl/ only, and I
was looking for a way to enforce that modules outside of this are not
called directly by mine, but without restricting what modules are called
by them (or restricting per system policy).

by the way tomorrow I will release the next version, which has gobs of
bug fixes.

> Best regards,
> Steffen

Ben Hildred
Applied Plastic Coatings, Inc.
5000 Tabor St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
303 424 9200
F: 303 424 8800

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