Pam Perl or how to debug a pam module

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So the problem began with browsing my Linux distro's repository looking
for a pam module to create home directories on demand. I found one that
works almost like I want. Almost, not quite, so onto the source code. It
is written in python. I have a severe Pathological and Eclectic aversion
to python. It reminds me of the Rubbish Lists i turned in in my
hi-school COBOL programing class. I'd rather try to transcend dental

so... I've been looking for a project to brush up my c skills, maybe
embed a interpreter for practice... so announcing version 0.0001. Write
your own device driver days here. It is about 75% to theoretically
functional level.

I expect to reach theoretical functional in about a week or two, but I
figured that this is far enough along to fire up a debugger, Which
brings us to the real question: how do you debug pam modules, especially
linker errors?

code is available. License requires fixing bugs to distribute until
version 0.5 when I will go gpl.

Ben Hildred
Applied Plastic Coatings, Inc.
5000 Tabor St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
303 424 9200
F: 303 424 8800

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