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On Thu, Nov 17, David Mitton wrote:

> Which was the first thing I saw login do wrong.  It calls pam_open_session 
> before pam_setcred.  I'm waiting for someone to explain that.

As I think somebody wrote already here: it's a bug in login where
I did send already a patch upstream.

> The scope of what it means to set credentials is obscure here.
> Since typically credentials are username and password and they are either 
> stored in a local file or a remote server.

No, this are not credentials. This is the authentication stuff.
Credentials tells the system what you are allowed to do and what not.

> The UID and GID are not credentials in the typical authentication sense.

They are credentials in a typical UNIX system, but you are right
that they are not for authentication. But they tell the system later
what you are allowed to do and what not.


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