Re: Login PAM interaction suspect

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Quoting Nicolas François <nekral.lists@xxxxxxxxx>:


On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:38:55AM -0500, David Mitton wrote:

This was discussed in some other forum (which I lost my breadcrumbs to).
It's moot to me, as I currently don't plan on changing that value.
But login should not assume that  getpwnam(PAM_USER) will work until
committed with a setcred.

OK. I see your point and getpwnam() should be delayed as much as possible.

However, login is required to setuid(<UID>) / setgid(<GID>) before
setcred, and <UID> or <GID> can only be found using getpwnam(PAM_USER).

Why would that be?  and where is it written?

Best Regards,

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