auth from a magnetic card reader

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I'm new on this list and in this pluggable world of pam. I manage to
write a pam-module that authenticate my user with my credit cards,
debit cards and all my magnetic cards with my new card reader. The use
is personal and I'm aware of possible security issues. I tested the
module and works fine. I tested the module with 'su' modifying the
file /etc/pam.d/su commenting out and others modules so
just to leave on auth my pam module. Thing works.

My question is about how to leave all the modules and adding my
personal module without modifying the rest. As the reads
from stdin blocking and the config I set was:

auth       sufficient
auth       sufficient

I need to send something to stdin (if it's the correct password then
the user is succesfully authed, but if I don't want to write I press
enter so now my module comes in) for my module to read from device.

I thought on write a daemon that reads from the device and when data
is available and checked, the daemon should inform someway to pam that
the authenticated process should finish with success. The problem is
that is using module. And this with gdm, sudo, and if I
can with email accounts...

Is there a workarround for using more than one method in parallel for
authenticate users?

I downloaded the offline documentation but I didn't read it all yet,
is something I ask is there please don't be rude and point me out

Thanks in advance,

If you want freedom, compile the source. Get gentoo.

Sebastián Treu

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