stunnel 5.69 released

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Dear Users,

I have released version 5.69 of stunnel.

### Version 5.69, 2023.03.04, urgency: MEDIUM
* New features
  - Improved logging performance with the "output" option.
  - Improved file read performance on the WIN32 platform.
  - DH and kDHEPSK ciphersuites removed from FIPS defaults.
  - Set the LimitNOFILE ulimit in stunnel.service to allow
    for up to 10,000 concurrent clients.
* Bugfixes
  - Fixed the "CApath" option on the WIN32 platform by
  - Fixed stunnel.spec used for building rpm packages.
  - Fixed tests on some OSes and architectures by merging
    Debian 07-tests-errmsg.patch (thx to Peter Pentchev).

Home page:

SHA-256 hashes:

1ff7d9f30884c75b98c8a0a4e1534fa79adcada2322635e6787337b4e38fdb81 stunnel-5.69.tar.gz
66c4f3bbb94c4a274f2e8e98e3d44e74c0460d6494986f0a94b9b8becdc63cc3 stunnel-5.69-win64-installer.exe

Best regards,

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