Re: Partial SSL algorithm fetching from providers

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Try the query string: "?provider=myprov".  This is prefer your provider over other implementations.


On 2/2/23 08:29, Afshin Pir wrote:



Let’s assume that I have a custom provider that supports only RSA signature/verification and I want to use it in an SSL/TLS connection. But Since SSL/TLS needs other cryptography operation such as symmetric encryption/decryption and key exchange too, I want to fall-back on FIPS(or default) module for these operations.

I have used a code like this to load my provider and fall-back provider and connect them to SSL context:


lib = OSSL_LIB_CTX_new();

defctxnull = OSSL_PROVIDER_load(NULL, "null");

OSSL_LIB_CTX_load_config(lib, "prov.cnf");

SSL_CTX *ctx = SSL_CTX_new_ex(lib, NULL, method);


From the logs inside my provider, I have noticed that my code works as I want. Signature is done by my provider and rest of operations by my fall-back provider. But the problem is that I don’t understand how the fetching of signature algorithm happens here. How is it guaranteed that my provider’s signature/verification is used rather than signature/verification that is surely available in fall-back provider too? I cannot resolve it by query string because if I use a query string like this:

SSL_CTX *ctx = SSL_CTX_new_ex(lib, “provider=myprov”, method);

openssl will not match algorithms from fall-back module and since my provider does not implement everything, I will not be able to use SSL/TLS.


Any idea how I can guarantee that only signature/verification of SSL/TLS happens from my provider?


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