Re: OpenSSL 1.1.1 Windows dependencies

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On 21 Oct 2022 at 13:50, Michael Wojcik via openssl-users wrote:

> > That was my initial thought too, except that if it were
> > firewall-related, the initial port 587 connection would be blocked,
> > and it isn't - the failure doesn't happen until after STARTTLS has
> > been issued.
> Not necessarily. That's true for a first-generation port-blocking
> firewall, but not for a packet-inspecting one. There are organizations
> which use packet-inspecting firewalls to block STARTTLS because they
> enforce their own TLS termination, in order to inspect all incoming
> traffic for malicious content and outgoing traffic for exfiltration.

I now have wireshark captures showing the exchanges between the working 
instance and the non-working instance respectively; the problem is definitely 
happening after STARTTLS has been issued and during the TLS handshake. 
I'm not high-level enough to be able to make any sense of the negotiation data 
though. The wireshark capture is quite short (22 items in the list) and I don't 
mind making it available if it would be useful to anyone.

> > Furthermore, the OpenSSL
> > configuration is identical between the systems/combinations of
> > OpenSSL that work and those that don't.
> Do you know that for certain? There's no openssl.cnf from some other
> source being picked up on the non-working system?

I'm pretty certain, but I'll get the customer to double-check.


-- David --

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