Re: BIO_flush Segmentation Fault Issue

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Your response makes sense.  I am a bit puzzled by the BIO reference counting.  For example

    BIO_new() (or BIO_new_socket() which calls BIO_new()) produces a BIO with a reference count of 1.     BIO_free() drops 1 reference and if the reference count is 0, frees the BIO.

    BIO_push() connects the BIO to the BIO chain.  No references are directly changed.  However, the BIO_CTRL_PUSH command is sent to the BIO.  For the SSL BIO, this results in a call to SSL_set_bio() and adding 1 to the next_bio reference (socket BIO).     BIO_pop() calls BIO_CTRL_POP and disconnects the BIO from the BIO chain.  For the SSL BIO, the BIO_CTRL_POP subtracts one from the next_bio reference (undoing BIO_push()).

    The problem case is calling BIO_free_all() on the BIO chain. BIO_free_all() does not use BIO_pop().  It simply detaches each BIO from the chain, and calls BIO_free() for it.  If the next_bio reference count is > 1 (which it will be for the SSL BIO next_bio), it stops unlinking and freeing BIOs.  This seems asymmetrical with respect to the BIO reference counting, and leaks the next_bio (socket BIO in this case).

What am I missing here?

On 9/29/2022 11:50 PM, Tomas Mraz wrote:
The SSL BIO should have the rbio from the SSL object as the next BIO.
If you create the SSL BIO and then BIO_push() the TCP socket BIO into
the SSL BIO, it will work correctly.

Otherwise, you can just fix the next BIO of the SSL BIO by using

BIO_set_next(sslbio, socketbio);

The SSL BIO should always have a next BIO if properly initialized.

Tomas Mraz, OpenSSL

On Thu, 2022-09-29 at 13:02 -0700, Jay Foster wrote:
I have an application that constructs a chain of BIOs.  Sometimes
chain also includes an SSL BIO.  Years ago, I ran into a problem that
caused BIO_flush() to segfault on the SSL BIO.  This turned out to
happen because the SSL BIO is added using SSL_set_bio() instead of
BIO_push().  SSL_set_bio() results in the SSL BIO always having a
bio_next value, so BIO_flush then crashes dereferencing this NULL
pointer when it calls BIO_copy_next_retry() on the SSL BIO (see
BIO_CTRL_FLUSH in ssl/bio_ssl.c).

This was reported as ticket 2615 years ago.

My question is, how could calling BIO_flush() on a BIO chain with an
BIO ever work?  Is there a way to add the SSL BIO using BIO_push()
instead of SSL_set_bio()?


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