Re: "Bad packet length 1231976033"

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> On Apr 10, 2023, at 7:24 AM, Darren Tucker <dtucker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Apr 2023 at 07:07, Peter Stuge <peter@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Brian Candler wrote:
>>>> What's odd is that the length is *always* 1231976033 (which is
>>>> 0x496E7661 or "Inva" in ASCII).
> One thing that can cause this is if the libc writes to stderr (ie fd
> 2) on some classes of error.   This is something libc should probably
> not do, since in things that are not simple command line tools (say, a
> ssh daemon) may be using fd 2 for something else entirely.
>>> Could you get a tcpdump when this happens?
>> Or debug output from at least the client (run ssh with -vvv) or
>> preferably the server (run sshd with -ddd).
> That's probably not going to show it, but strace'ing either the client
> or the server will probably capture the error message in full.
> Since you're using 9.1, the message could be an "Invalid free", since
> there was a double-free bug in that release :-(

Forgot to ask: does this bug manifest at any particular time, or just connection initiation?  Because I can see it happen on a connection that's been up for days... either idle or experiencing heavy traffic... etc.


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