Re: Difference in buffer behaviour between 8.89 and 8.9?

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On 5/20/22 9:08 PM, Damien Miller wrote:

Are you sure that it's the packet receive buffer in this case?

I'd recommend instrumenting sshbuf_read() first and seeing what what it's
doing, e.g. how much data the read() is returning.

You can set SSHBUF_DEBUG at compile time to get a lot more info.
A strace or similar might be helpful too.

So I tried this and I'm getting the following from the client

rapier@iztli:~$ ssh -p2289
kex_exchange_identification: No SSH version received in first 1024 lines from server

Turns out the banner is getting filled with the SSHBUF_DBG lines:
debug1: kex_exchange_identification: banner line 0: sshbuf.c:34 sshbuf_check_sanity: sanity size 0 alloc 256 off 0 max 134217728 debug1: kex_exchange_identification: banner line 1: sshbuf.c:354 sshbuf_reserve: reserve buf = 0x556d1a798160 len = 3125 debug1: kex_exchange_identification: banner line 2: sshbuf.c:309 sshbuf_allocate: allocate buf = 0x556d1a798160 len = 3125

Am I missing a step? This is with 9.0p1 with the default sshd_config. I've also tried it with 8.8 and 8.2 with the same results so I feel like I am missing something. Client is 8.2p1.


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