Re: Difference in buffer behaviour between 8.89 and 8.9?

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On Wed, 18 May 2022, rapier wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've run in to a strange issue and I'm wondering if anyone has any 
> insight on this. So I have a modified version of OpenSSH called hpnssh 
> that uses larger receive buffer sizes to improve throughput. When I 
> ported that patch set to 8.9 I found out after an initial burst of data 
> the throughput would drop to zero after an initial burst and just sort 
> of stay there. This happens regardless of the RTT; same issues at 
> sub-millisecond RTTs and 150ms.
> I've been able to replicate this behaviour in OpenSSH by increasing the 
> higher values. You kind of see it in the debug log at 96*CSPD and you 
> can start to see it impact throughput at 128*CSDP. With my tests I have 
> it at 512*CSPD and the pause will last upwards of 5 seconds. When it's 
> at 1024*CSPD (corresponding to a 32MB receive buffer) the pause will 
> last 18 seconds or more.
> I dropped in a debug statement in to sshbuf.c in sshbuf_allocate to get 
> a better view of whats happening. The following are the results of that 
> in both 8.9p1 and 8.8p1


> In version 8.8 I also see a buffer growing during the course of the 
> transfer but it looks like it doesn’t need to grow to the same size as 
> in 8.9p1 (in this case WINDOW_DEFAULT was set to 4096*CSPD). This is on 
> the same test bed, same set up, and the tests are being run right after 
> each other.
> The behaviour in 8.9 is very consistent. After a certain number of 
> adjusted rlens for, what I am assuming is the packet buffer, it goes 
> into this growth phase for another buffer. In my test that been about 
> 700 of these adjusts which is unrelated to the size of 
> So I’m wondering what changed between 8.8 and 8.9 that might account for 
> this and if this is expected/desired behaviour. I'm still working 
> through the diff from 8.8 to 8.9 but nothing has leaped out at me yet.

8.9 switch from select() to poll() and included a couple of bugs that
could cause weird problems. IMO you should try to port to what's on
the top of the V_9_0 git branch, which is 9.0 + one more poll()-
related fix.

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