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On Sat, 30 Nov 2019 11:10:50 +0100, Bj�ork said:

> My version of setsockopt(2) says
>        EBADF     The  argument sockfd is not a valid file descrip‐
>                  tor.

Note that there is no general *guarantee* that a syscall cannot
return any values other than the ones in the manpage.

> If you look at e.g. udp_lib_setsockopt() you'll see that it conforms
> strictly to this.  I don't know why do_tcp_setsockopt() doesn't.

Probably because those are the only errors that the UDP version
can hit, but the TCP case can hit cases like "socket must be in
a connected state" and possibly other error codes.  Now, I admit
wondering why it uses ENOTSUPP rather than ENOTCONN for this
particular case.

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