[nft PATCH v3] evaluate: fix check for unknown in cmd_op_to_name

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nft --debug=all destroy table ip missingtable

Evaluate unknown

Evaluate destroy

Fixes: e1dfd5cc4c46 ("src: add support to command "destroy"")
Signed-off-by: 谢致邦 (XIE Zhibang) <Yeking@xxxxxxxxx>
V2 -> V3: Use array_size as suggested by Phil Sutter
V1 -> V2: Update subject and message

 src/evaluate.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/evaluate.c b/src/evaluate.c
index 68cfd7765381..57da4044e8c0 100644
--- a/src/evaluate.c
+++ b/src/evaluate.c
@@ -6048,7 +6048,7 @@ static const char * const cmd_op_name[] = {
 static const char *cmd_op_to_name(enum cmd_ops op)
-	if (op > CMD_DESCRIBE)
+	if (op >= array_size(cmd_op_name))
 		return "unknown";
 	return cmd_op_name[op];

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