Re: [PATCH nft 0/6] add infrastructure for unit tests

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On Fri, Nov 03, 2023 at 01:26:41PM +0100, Florian Westphal wrote:
> Thomas Haller <thaller@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for sending an initial empty skeleton.
> > There are new new make targets:
> > 
> >   - "build-all"
> >   - "check" (runs "normal" tests, like unit tests and "tools/").
> >   - "check-more" (runs extra tests, like "tests/build")
> >   - "check-all" (runs "check" + "check-more")
> >   - "check-local" (a subset of "check")
> >   - "check-TESTS" (the unit tests)
> "check-unit" perhaps?  TESTS isn't very descriptive.  Also,
> why CAPS? If this is some pre-established standard, then maybe just
> document that in the commit changelog.
> Please don't do anything yet and wait for more comments, but
> I would prefer 'make check' to run all tests that we have.

We had a few tests that have been shown to be unstable.

I just would like that I don't hit this when making the release and
hold back a release because a test fails occasionally.

If we go for `make check' then all test runs must be reliable.

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