Re: [RFC] nftables 1.0.6 -stable backports

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On Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 05:25:59PM +0200, Phil Sutter wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 10:01:15AM +0200, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
> > For the record, I have pushed out this 1.0.6.y branch:
> > 
> >
> I have this shell script collecting potential backports based on Fixes:
> tags. It identified 34 additional backports for v1.0.6 tag (hashes are
> meaningless):
> e5b4169ee25ab json: expose dynamic flag

These are local commit IDs? Would it be possible to list with upstream
commit IDs for easier review?

> 0a7e53f2e0913 parser_json: Default meter size to zero
> 522e207b0a836 parser_json: Catch nonsense ops in match statement
> 725b096b99e56 parser_json: Wrong check in json_parse_ct_timeout_policy()
> 91401c4115b51 parser_json: Fix synproxy object mss/wscale parsing
> 7aee3e7754b22 parser_json: Fix limit object burst value parsing
> 60504c1817c42 parser_json: Fix flowtable prio value parsing
> 3b2f35cee7e1c parser_json: Proper ct expectation attribute parsing
> d804aa93a5988 parser_json: Fix typo in json_parse_cmd_add_object()
> 7e4eb93535418 parser_json: Catch wrong "reset" payload

I can see json fixes, these should be good too.

> ed0c72352193e netlink: handle invalid etype in set_make_key()
> 733470961f792 datatype: initialize TYPE_CT_EVENTBIT slot in datatype array
> 6e674db5d2990 datatype: initialize TYPE_CT_LABEL slot in datatype array
> f8ccde9188013 datatype: fix leak and cleanup reference counting for struct datatype
> 4b46a3fa44813 include: drop "format" attribute from nft_gmp_print()
> 930756f09a750 evaluate: fix check for truncation in stmt_evaluate_log_prefix()
> 987ae8d4b20de tests: monitor: Fix for wrong ordering in expected JSON output
> ad6cfbace2d2d tests: monitor: Fix for wrong syntax in set-interval.t
> b83bd8b441e41 tests: monitor: Fix monitor JSON output for insert command
> 0f8798917093a evaluate: Drop dead code from expr_evaluate_mapping()
> 2f2320a434300 tests: shell: Stabilize sets/0043concatenated_ranges_0 test
> fa841d99b3795 tests: fix inet nat prio tests
> 5604dd5b1f365 cache: include set elements in "nft set list"
> 8d1f462e157bc evaluate: set NFT_SET_EVAL flag if dynamic set already exists
> d572772659392 tests: shell: Fix for unstable sets/0043concatenated_ranges_0
> 4e4f7fd8334aa xt: Fix translation error path
> ca2fbde1ceeeb evaluate: insert byte-order conversions for expressions between 9 and 15 bits
> c0e5aba1bc963 xt: Fix fallback printing for extensions matching keywords
> 62a416b9eac19 tests: shell: cover rule insertion by index
> 0e5ea5fae26a3 evaluate: print error on missing family in nat statement
> cf35149fd378a netlink_delinearize: Sanitize concat data element decoding
> 1fb4c25073ed6 mnl: dump_nf_hooks() leaks memory in error path
> 2f14b059afd88 meta: parse_iso_date() returns boolean
> 99d6c23b32160 netlink: Fix for potential NULL-pointer deref
> Should I submit the series for review? Or were they intentionally
> omitted?

Did you run current tests/shell on git HEAD with these? Several
times? With 6.1 kernel? Did you review these candidates one by one?
Is looking at Fixes: tag enough (maybe some of these fix have some
dependencies? Not all the patches I placed in the 1.0.6.y branch have
Fixes: tag.

Sorry for being nitpicking again: I spend a bit of time collecting
these fixes, identifying those that fix tests/shell specifically.
Making sure that bisectability is not broken. Some of these above
might fix tests/py with -j with current git HEAD (that is missing on
my side).

I also tried to keep it minimal, and that was already 41 patches, but
I am fine with expanding the set, no issue.

Probably you can rebase 1.0.6.y, add these by one to where they
belong, compile, run tests and integrating them into timeline is

Or am I again asking for too much? If an issue occur with 1.0.6.y, it
should good to git HEAD and 1.0.6.y do not different too much (at
least I also tried this with -stable Linux kernel patches, backporting
dependency that would make it easier to integrate future fixes in
latest release).


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