Re: [RFC] nftables 1.0.6 -stable backports

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On Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 10:01:15AM +0200, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
> For the record, I have pushed out this 1.0.6.y branch:

I have this shell script collecting potential backports based on Fixes:
tags. It identified 34 additional backports for v1.0.6 tag (hashes are

e5b4169ee25ab json: expose dynamic flag
0a7e53f2e0913 parser_json: Default meter size to zero
522e207b0a836 parser_json: Catch nonsense ops in match statement
725b096b99e56 parser_json: Wrong check in json_parse_ct_timeout_policy()
91401c4115b51 parser_json: Fix synproxy object mss/wscale parsing
7aee3e7754b22 parser_json: Fix limit object burst value parsing
60504c1817c42 parser_json: Fix flowtable prio value parsing
3b2f35cee7e1c parser_json: Proper ct expectation attribute parsing
d804aa93a5988 parser_json: Fix typo in json_parse_cmd_add_object()
7e4eb93535418 parser_json: Catch wrong "reset" payload
ed0c72352193e netlink: handle invalid etype in set_make_key()
733470961f792 datatype: initialize TYPE_CT_EVENTBIT slot in datatype array
6e674db5d2990 datatype: initialize TYPE_CT_LABEL slot in datatype array
f8ccde9188013 datatype: fix leak and cleanup reference counting for struct datatype
4b46a3fa44813 include: drop "format" attribute from nft_gmp_print()
930756f09a750 evaluate: fix check for truncation in stmt_evaluate_log_prefix()
987ae8d4b20de tests: monitor: Fix for wrong ordering in expected JSON output
ad6cfbace2d2d tests: monitor: Fix for wrong syntax in set-interval.t
b83bd8b441e41 tests: monitor: Fix monitor JSON output for insert command
0f8798917093a evaluate: Drop dead code from expr_evaluate_mapping()
2f2320a434300 tests: shell: Stabilize sets/0043concatenated_ranges_0 test
fa841d99b3795 tests: fix inet nat prio tests
5604dd5b1f365 cache: include set elements in "nft set list"
8d1f462e157bc evaluate: set NFT_SET_EVAL flag if dynamic set already exists
d572772659392 tests: shell: Fix for unstable sets/0043concatenated_ranges_0
4e4f7fd8334aa xt: Fix translation error path
ca2fbde1ceeeb evaluate: insert byte-order conversions for expressions between 9 and 15 bits
c0e5aba1bc963 xt: Fix fallback printing for extensions matching keywords
62a416b9eac19 tests: shell: cover rule insertion by index
0e5ea5fae26a3 evaluate: print error on missing family in nat statement
cf35149fd378a netlink_delinearize: Sanitize concat data element decoding
1fb4c25073ed6 mnl: dump_nf_hooks() leaks memory in error path
2f14b059afd88 meta: parse_iso_date() returns boolean
99d6c23b32160 netlink: Fix for potential NULL-pointer deref

Should I submit the series for review? Or were they intentionally

Cheers, Phil

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