Re: [RFC] nftables 1.0.6 -stable backports

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On 10/10/23 10:39, Phil Sutter wrote:
An upcoming 1.0.9 might be a good chance to switch upstream numbering

Further, I would suggest adopting any numbering scheme and sticking to it.
Any, well defined (and easy to follow) pattern would work.

For netfilter userspace software in particular, maybe I'd suggest the simplest: consecutive numbers with no special semantics. And a dot for stable releases. This is similar to what systemd does.

* version 14
* version 15
* version 14.1 with some additional patches to v14
* version 16

If you do change the versioning scheme, please make an announcement of it so all downstream are aware.

Also, if you change the versioning scheme, please don't conflict with previous released versions. So maybe start from something >= 2.

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