Re: [PATCH RFC nf-next 0/2] ct helper object name matching

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Pablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From nftables, existing (inconsistent) syntax can be left in place for
> backward compatibility. The new proposed syntax would more explicitly
> refer to match the user wants to do, e.g.
> 	ct helper name set "ftp-21"

That would be same as 'ct helper set "ftp-21" that we use at the
moment, i.e. this generates same byte code, correct?

> 	ct helper name "ftp-21"

I see, kernel ct extension gains a pointer to the objref name.

> For NFT_CT_HELPER_TYPE (formerly NFT_CT_HELPER), syntax would be:
> 	ct helper type "ftp"

That would be the 'new' name for existing 'ct helper', so same bytecode,

> It should be also possible to support for:
> 	ct helper type set "ftp"

IIRC another argument for objref usage was that this won't work
with set infra.

> via implicit object, this infrastructure is missing in the kernel
> though, the idea would be to create an implicit object that is attached
> to the rule.  Such object would be released when the rule is removed.

Ah, I see.

Yes, that would work.

> Let me know.

Looks good to me.

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