NeteDelay Normal Distribution

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I try this

sudo tc qdisc del dev eth0 roonetedelay 100ms 20ms distribution normal

I usiperf for transmitting UDP packets and I modified its codto get per
packedelay. When I plothe distribution of delays and analyze the delays
they pass thnormality tests.

Thonly problethat I am not able to understand is that the mean of those
delays shifto 125ms. Its noonly me. There was another study and it
observed thsamthing.,d.eW0&cad=rja


I found outhathis command is valid

sudo tc qdisc del dev eth0 roonetedelay 1ms 20ms distribution normal

So I hava feeling thamean gets shifted to avoid negative delay values.

Iwould bgreat if someone confirm how it is implemented?
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