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Text body attached as rtf (ms-tnef?)

Hi all,

I have a gaggle of .msg files I'm attempting to process into HTML documents with the corresponding attachments linked.

Thus far I am converting the .msg format to .mime with msgconvert (http://www.matijs.net/software/msgconv/) and processing each message as a single message with MHonArc.

This works fine except MHonArc is bundling the text bodies of the emails into an attached .rtf. My guess is that the email's text is actually the ms-tnef format which MHonArc is handling as best it can. However I really need the body text available as the body text in the outputting HTML document, not as an attached .rtf.

Does any one have a solution to this? Is there a way to have MHonArc process the text body as plain text? Some formatting loss is alright provided the text is still readable.


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