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Re: Looking for someone to get MHonArc working...

Hi Antony,

On 13 November 2011 15:52,  <Antony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I manage the actual mail server on a machine at home (Mac) and messages that
> go to the forum are sent to e.g. hm0001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (which is the

Can I just know what mail server you run?

> John moved the site  to a new virtual server in November and since then the
> archives have not worked. I guess the server needs configuration so that
> mail send to hm0001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx , hm0002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc get sent
> to MHonArc for processing.

What mailing list manager are you using? This makes me clear about the way
lists are managed and the way archives can be stored.

> The server was also set up to only accept emails sent from my machine so
> that it could not be spammed (not sure if this was done using the IP address
> of my machine at home?).

Probably it has been configured as whitelist and blocklists rules.

> I am looking for the following to be done:
> 1) Update MHonArc to current version (2.6.18) and update Perl.
> 2) Update Perl - I think much of what is done is via Perl scripts
> (http://www.mhonarc.org/mharc/doc/)

There is ample documentation for this and I would help you doing this.

> 3) Get messages to start archiving again (not sure what needs to get set up
> on the server)

A cron job with mhonarc can do this. Pretty straight forward way.

> 4) It would also be useful if the archiving could be set up so that
> superfluous message headers did not show ie only "To", "Subject", "From" and
> "Date".

This can be handled by tweaking things in .mrc file.

> 5) Instructions on how I can modify appearance of pages.

I am very poor at this. You probably need a css file and use an index.html
and internally pull the mail messages.

> 6) Instructions on how I filter emails according to year ie what I need to
> do at the start of each year

This can be achieved.

> 7) Instructions on how I ensure only emails sent from my machine are
> archived

Mails sent to a particular list can be archived. Isnt this what you want?

> 8) Brief notes to show me how to do the above so that I can maintain going
> forward


By the way, Are you running everything on Macintosh operating system?


International Institute of Information Technology

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