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Mhonarc was abnormally terminated - Now a lock file problem


Our server was rebooted and now one of the mail list is not being archived.

I saw this error:

ERROR: Unable to create lockfile after # tries

The web site says:

The statement means that MHonArc timed-out trying to obtain a lock on the archive. You may be able to avoid time-out problems by modifying the LOCKTRIES and LOCKDELAY resources.

Sometimes a lock file exists, but no MHonArc process is modifying the archive. This can occur if MHonArc is abnormally terminated. If you know that no other MHonArc process is editting the archive you are try to modify, then manually remove the lock file or use the FORCE resource. "

I'm not sure how to maually remove the lock file or use the FORCE resource.  Can you provide an example?
Since only one of the lists is not being archived, do I just set the 'force' command for that list?
Thanks in advance

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