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Re: What is the Best Way to Migrate Mhonarc to A New Server

On May 26, 2010 at 10:02, "Wang, Mary Y" wrote:

> I'm currently running on Mhonarc 2.5.7 and is in the process of migrating it 
> to a new server.
> What is the best way to it?

An exact answer cannot be give w/o you providing more information
about your current setup, the type of server you are currently
using, and the type of server you are moving to.

As for mhonarc, the files mhonarc creates are platform independent.
So you can move mhonarc archives to different operating systems
and still perform operations.

As for the version of mhonarc, check the mhonarc release notes
if you plan on upgrading mhonarc during the move.  It provides
information on anything you need to be aware of when upgrading.


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