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Re: portable MHonArc?

On January 28, 2008 at 10:29, chalupa@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I'd like to ask a question:
> Is there any chance there would be a portable version of MHonArc available?
> At least I've not found one yet.
> I mean a version that would be able to work with the Portable  
> Applications suite (PortbleApps.com).
> It would be very useful for us, as we would like to have it installed  
> on a flash drive (with portable Perl) and be able to convert mail  
> folders without installing of neither Perl, nor MHonArc on the  
> computer in question.

I'm not familiar with portableapps.  After a quick look, it should
not be too difficult to have mhonarc work with it, but I would
require more information, especially since mhonarc requires perl
to run versus being a self-contained executable.


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