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Re: What Happened to mha-mhedit?

On October 5, 2007 at 08:16, Martin McCormick wrote:

> 	I have been using mh and then later, nmh for probably 14
> or 15 years. A year or two ago, I installed mhonarc so that
> quoted mime messages showed only the text like they should and
> not mime directives and, even worse, not unprocessed base64
> data.
> 	I recently set up another FreeBSD system with nmh and
> mhonarc to operate in text mode and everything was fine until I
> started to reply to a mime message, one day and got the error
> that /usr/local/bin/mha-edit did not exist.

I have no control over the FreeBSD repackaging of mhonarc.

You can download mhonarc directly from www.mhonarc.org.  The
mha-mhedit program is contained in the extras/ directory.

BTW, here is the .mh_profile settings I use for mha-mhedit:

mha-mhedit: -editor vim -htmlconv w3m
mha-mhedit-lynx: -stdin -dump -force_html -nolist -width=76
mha-mhedit-w3m: -dump -cols 76 -T text/html
mha-mhedit-next: vim

I actually do not have mha-mhedit invoked all the time since
I do not need its facilities all the time.  I have a shell
alias called 'mrepl' that is defined as follows:

  repl -editor mha-mhedit

I use it if I ever need to reply to an HTML or multipart

I guess if the performance of mha-mhedit is not a problem for
you, then having it invoked by default for repl should not
be a problem.

You can run perldoc directly on mha-mhedit to view its manpage.


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