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What Happened to mha-mhedit?

	I have been using mh and then later, nmh for probably 14
or 15 years. A year or two ago, I installed mhonarc so that
quoted mime messages showed only the text like they should and
not mime directives and, even worse, not unprocessed base64

	I recently set up another FreeBSD system with nmh and
mhonarc to operate in text mode and everything was fine until I
started to reply to a mime message, one day and got the error
that /usr/local/bin/mha-edit did not exist.

	It's not in the extras directory of the FreeBSD port of
the latest mhonarc. My old .mh_profile where it applies to
mhonarc is:

Path: Mail
repl: -editor mha-mhedit
dist: -editor  vi
comp: -editor  vi
showproc: mhl
mhshow: -nopause

	What it did with mha-mhedit was give you a vi session
with the mime-stripped version of the text so you could include
it in your reply.

	What do I need to do to get the same functionality back?
I am a bit fuzzy on this.

	Thanks for any help.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
Systems Engineer
OSU Information Technology Department Network Operations Group

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