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Unable to load text encode warning with -add


I'm currently setting up MHonarc for our mailing lists. Thanks for a great software package! Things have been going pretty smoothly, though I notice that when I use the -add flag I get the following warning:

Warning: Unable to load text encode for "utf-8"

Without the -add flag, no warning. Everything appears to be working fine (e.g., the HTML is okay). I've poked around a bit in readmail.pl and mhopt.pl, and it looks like the warning is being raised when readmail::load_textencoder() is called in mhopt.pl (c462).

    ##	Re-check readmail settings
    if (!$SCAN) {
	# If text encoding has been specified, change $MHeadCnvFunc.
	if (defined(readmail::load_textencoder())) {
	    $MHeadCnvFunc = \&htmlize_enc_head;

However, from what I can tell, the function is called here both with and without the -add flag.

Like I said, it looks like everything is working fine. The subsequent calls to load_textencoder in readmail.pl do not raise this warning, so I'm pretty sure the mboxes are being converted correctly. Any ideas as to what's causing this?

Thanks again,

Michael Glaesemann
grzm seespotcode net

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