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Re: Multiple HEAD elements breaking messages?

> It has nothing to do with X-Body-of-Message.  HEAD is removed
> since it would be invalid HTML to keep it as-is when the entity
> is included in the MHonArc message page.

Sorry.  I started writing that before I figured out exactly what was
going on and forgot to delete it.  :)

> This problem has already been reported and has a bug ID of #17563.

Is there anywhere else to view the bugs other than savannah?  I haven't
been able to get in to view them all day long from here or NCSA.

> > Does anyone know for sure how this should be handled?  I have a patch
> > included below to correct this
> I try to avoid minimal matching since it is inefficient, but it
> is one way to get around the problem.

Do you think that this will make it into the main package, or should
I keep this patch handy for my local stuff?  Or is there a better way 
to do it?


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