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Re: MS Outlook mail creating characters not appearing (possible solution)

On November 9, 2006 at 11:10, Jym Dyer wrote:

> > MS Outlook has a nasty habit of mislabeling the charset of its
> > messages with iso-8859-1 instead of MS's extension to it that
> > contain the characters being used.
> =v= Some older versions send out mail that does't specify a
> charset, so many apps assume the text is ASCII (which is how the
> standard works) though of course it's Windows-1252.

You should be able to alias us-ascii also:

cp1252; us-ascii
cp1252; iso-8859-1

> =v= Those particular characters in Windows-1252 violate charset
> standards anyway.

However, it appears that cp1252 is a proper subset of iso-8859-1
from a code-point persective.


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