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Re: Substitute table by css - query which header-field is processed

Earl Hood wrote:
> Nope.
> A work-around that does not require code modification is to roll
> your own header.  See
> <http://www.mhonarc.org/MHonArc/doc/faq/msgpgs.html#headnbody>
> for how it can be done.
> When you roll your own, you know exactly which header field you
> are dealing with, and it is more secure since you explicitly control
> what is showing up on your pages.

Thanks for the fast response. Great. That also solves my next question
(ADDRESSMODIFYCODE modified things like Message-id-Headers...).

But I have two further questions:

I have added the headerfields I want to display to the
<fieldstore>-ressouce and the headers are displayed.

But (how) can I implement links for example in the "Newsgroups:" and
"References:" Header? (like the autogenerated Headers contains links to
the newsgroups an the referenced previous postings?

something like:

<p>Newsgroups: <a
&nbsp; </p>

works correct for *one* newsgroup, but if the original Header consists
of two or more newsgroups (Newsgroups: newsgroup1,newsgroup2), I get one
link (a href="news://news.tu-graz.ac.at/newsgroup1,newsgroup2";) - the
autogenerated header consists of two (correct) links (each to one

And I also have not found out, how I can implement the autolinking in
the references header (like in the autogenerated header).

Is that possible in a self generated Header?

Bye, Wolfgang

P.S. On http://www.mhonarc.org/MHonArc/doc/resources/news.html the links
in the "see also" section are wrong (a missing ".html"-suffix)

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