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[approved] [sr #105343] message digests

Follow-up Comment #5, sr #105343 (project mhonarc):

If Digest::MD5 is installed, the message-id is based upon
the md5 digest of the message header.  In general, this
should provide uniqueness (and re-creatability), but it
is possible to get two separate message with same ID if
the header text is the same.

If Digest::MD5 is not installed, than the created message-id
is not re-creatable if the archive is regen'ed from source
data (a combination of process ID, time, and counter is used).

Remember, mhonarc only creates its on message-id if none0
is present.  Any message-id created with mhonarc will
be "<local-part>@NO-ID-FOUND.mhonarc.org".

BTW, only the header data is available at the time the
message-id is created.  For optimization reasons, mhonarc
does not read the complete message since conditions exist
that may indicate that the message should not be processed
(examples: already archived, MSGEXCFILTER, no-archive flag).


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