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Re: Message-ID contains "To" address and spammers finding it

On May 9, 2006 at 20:23, NOW Web Sites Coordinator wrote:

> I have a list where I use the archives email to start up mhonarc.  The 
> message-ID tag contains the email address and spammers are finding it (I've 
> been changing it over and over and it's the only place they are getting it) 
> so spam is getting into our archives.
> I can't seem to exclude Message-ID from the hidden tags with excs override 
> or other tags.

What are the exact resource settings you have tried?

BTW, it is better to just use FIELDORDER and list the headers you
do want to display.  For example:


Will only cause the To, Cc, and Subject fields to be rendered.  As long
as you do not include '-extra-' in FIELDORDER, no other fields will
be rendered.

I am curious to see an example message that is showing an email
address in the message-id field.


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