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Re: best software to store newsgroup articles

On August 25, 2005 at 23:48, "zyunshen" wrote:

> I am rather new to the list, and have spend quite a bit of time searching
> for the method to automatically store the newsgroup articles from my ISP's
> news server.
> I tried to look for the answer by myself, and someone has mentioned about
> suck, or cpan module. However, I am not very familiar with what these are.
> My question is, can anyone recommend any way to archive the newsgroup that
> is easy to maintain and use?

Search for NNTP at search.cpan.org and you should find a module
for downloading posts from a news server.

Also try searching on Google for any batch NNTP clients.

As for archiving, if you are refering to web-based archives like what
MHonArc generates, than MHonArc works with news posts, and some users
actually do use it to create web archives of newsgroups.

Mharc, <http://www.mhonarc.org/mharc/>, is one option you can
explore for creating and managing the web archive piece.


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