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Re: Wishlist: Please add real email address support with unlock code!

On August 5, 2005 at 14:47, saf wrote:

> I would like to do this for all email address.
> Please look the Google groups:
> http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.linux/browse_thread/thread/4acb35c86a72227a/b35d6ac7be17b2f6?lnk=st&q=linux+email&rnum=3&hl=en#b35d6ac7be17b2f6
> You will see a line with: "Wbarwell <Wbarw...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:"
> When you click on "...", it will give you the entire message after typing 
> the right code!
> Because there are multiple lines with real email addresses which are 
> hidden.

Doing this at the mhonarc level may require considerable modifications.
The filtering model is modular, based on media-types, so something
like you propose would require coordination among all filters.

Alternatively, something can be hooked into the post filtering process
that does the address modification on the HTML, where a "diff" is
saved contain the original addresses.  The diff would have to be saved
in a non-web accessible location, and only the converted header and
body need to be handled since the navigational markup can be changed.

I'd have to put more thought into the details on what would be the
best way something like this can be done.  May want to move discussion
to mhonarc-dev.

Note, non-mhonarc solutions are possible.  For example, a CGI
(or HTTP server plugin) can be used to serve up pages.  The pages
contain addresses that are not obfsucated, but when served up,
obfsucation is done dynamically.  When proper human verification
is established, the page can be served without obfsucation.


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