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Wishlist: Please add real email address support with unlock code!


when I start mhonarc in spammode it will create me email addresses with hidden email addresses.
Could it be possible to put the modified content in a kind of diff file per archive?
So I could for example restore the original message with an image unlock code, so spammer could
not get the real email address. :-)

For example in the email message is written:

line 30: Write me a message to foo@xxxxxxxxxx

Where xxxx.xxx is a link to a cgi-bin script which ask for a code written on a image to unlock the message to get
the original email adresses. So if the user types for example the right code, then the script reads
a kind of diff file to rebuild the original message. In the diff file there should be written a line as like:

msg00007.html: l 30 -  Write me a message to <a href="cgi-bin/unlock_mail.cgi>foo@xxxxxxxxxx</a>
                    +  Write me a message to foo@xxxxxxx

It's an idea how it could be patched in mhonarc, what do you think Earl?
I don't would like to have the double of files for each message, because it would take too much place.
The best would be if it could be possible to compress with gzip the diff file, because I think that the most
of the time the messages would not be unlocked.

Best regards,
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