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MHonArc list archives has past messages (was Re: Mail problems fixed)

On July 16, 2005 at 10:32, "Christopher P. Lindsey" wrote:

> I think that all of the mail delivery problems have been solved.  It was
> an interesting problem -- a combination of sendmail timeouts causing
> bulk_mailer to fail early, certain DNS lookups failing and confusing
> sendmail, and not enough coffee on my part.

THANK YOU!  I know it took more work then expected.

MHonArc users, the mhonarc.org list archives were not
affected by the delivery problem, therefore users that
sent messages to the list, and were expecting responses,
may want to check out the mhonarc-users archive,

I personally responded to some questions that did show up
in the archive, but not in my inbox.


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