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Re: Using courier maildirs

I'm using a program called maildir2mbox  - I had to rip it out of a qmail
install/source tree and compile it to run under Debian on my iMac, but it
works great.



> Good morning.
> Recently I've tried converting maildirs created by courier with
> mhonarc, failing pathetically. It creates the mailist.html and
> threads.html and database files, but nothing else happens.
> The MHonArc documentation has this to say on the subject of maildirs:
> "MHonArc supports MH mail folders and UUCP/Unix mailbox files, so the
> term "mail folder" represents the MH mail folder or mailbox file to
> process. To convert a mail folder to an HTML archive, use the following:
> prompt> mhonarc path/inbox"
> "the following" does not work, and now I am left to wonder whether
> courier's mailbox format is supported by mhonarc, and if not, what
> can be done to convert such maildirs? I've tried the archives and
> Google, both with no success.
> Thanks,
> _Lasar
> --
> Lasar Liepins
> lasar@xxxxxxxxxxx
> http://liepins.net/   |   http://liepins.de/
> "Nur was nicht ist ist möglich" - Einstuerzende Neubauten

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