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Re: Word wrapping messages

I'm afraid I didn't make myself clear.

Many MUA's insert newlines after every 80 chars.  Now, when the
message gets converted by MHonArc into HTML, these are stored as
<br>'s - hence, we have an HTML message wrapped after every 80 chars.

However, HTML UA's (that is, browsers) handle line wrapping
automatically - as the user likes it.  The user can squeeze the window
less than 80, in which case the br's will annoyinngly fall midline -
or he can make it much wider (for a wide screen, or to print) - except
that the br's will prevent this.

I think that this could be improved if we could somehow detect and
eliminate those autoline breaks, and allow the HTML UA to handle
breaking lines, like normal web pages do (quite well).  It's not
obvious (at least to me) how to do this, since we don't want to
destory pararagrahps or hard returns.

This is one of the founding principles of HTML: encode only content
and structure, and allow the UA to handle as much of the formatting as
possible.  In general, it works quite well, and I think in this case,
MHonArc would benefit.

On 4/19/05, East Coast Coder <eastcoastcoder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Many email messages are line wrapped after 80 chars.  This is
> unneccesary and unwanted in HTML.  Is there any way to undo this? 
> (Simply removing the newlines isn't good enough, as we want to keep
> paragraphs as well as intentional, midline line breaks).

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