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RE: Word wrapping messages

I agree. Human readability is important. I do not like long lines. But sometimes I have to convert when importing the message to a word processer for printing in a format of my choosing. Sometimes the default lines are too long, sometimes too short.

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> Many email messages are line wrapped after 80 chars.
> This is unneccesary and unwanted in HTML.

=v= The current fashionability of unwrapped lines is very
unfortunate.  Email should, above all, be human-readable,
and jamming entire paragraphs into one line is exactly the
opposite.  "Unwanted?"  HTML doesn't care whether there's
a newline or a space there, but human eyes prefer newlines.

=v= Bear in mind that not everyone out there has whizbang
HTML mailers, and that "Content-Type: ... format=flowed"
is inconsistently implemented (and often not specified).

=v= Think of all the times you've been sent crap like this:

> > > Now is the time for all good persons to come to the
> > > aid of their=20
> > > planet.  The lazy dog jumped over the quick brown
> > I AGREE!
> > > fox.=20

Not exactly readable by humans *or* computers.  Judicious
use of newlines cures many ills, at no cost.

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