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Re: Using mhn2mbox to convert to maildir

Earl Hood wrote:

Do a search on google for mailbox to maildir converters.  Appears
to be several.

I tried the first one Google listed as it appeared to be fairly simple to set up and use.

./2md-1.9  some_mail.mbox    some_mail_dir

In "some_mail_dir" there will be the  files, "new" "cur" and tmp.

The messages appear in new, not cur as I would like or expect, but that gets corrected after I move the mail to maildir and start to use my mail client on the second time after the move.

I then create a mail folder with my mail client, exit from it and move the files

mv  some_mail_dir/* $HOME/Maildir/.someMail/.

I start my mail client and the files are there, marked as new files.

I close my mail client and open it again and notice there is NO icon for new mail in this folder. The files which were in $HOME/Maildir/.someMail/new are moved to $HOME/Maildir/.someMail/cur

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