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RE: Date generated footer and namazu

Secondly, I have successfully used phpdig to generate a crude looking search
engine associated with the mail archive but I think I would much rather be
using Namazu. However, the Namazu.org website has been down for several
months. I wondered whether there were any links anyone had on how to go
about installing it? I believe that the source files are still available for
download, but I have a feeling I will need some instructions.

I anguished also when I had listserv archives to convert and index.

I threw a 11 year archive at Fluid Dynamics Search Engine. I had had a 5 year relationship with them using their logger. The price is free for non-commercial and $40 for the lifetime license to use commercially. It has a file domain realm that allows you to index certain files ie msg* and disregards the mail* and thr* because your customer wants the information and not the file cabinet. No datebaseese required.

Of course when the customers go to a archived message, they can use the appropriate mail* or thr* file to follow that thread or see the surrounding messages just like Earl intended.

See the application at work with Mhonarc at: http://parkinsons-information-exchange-network-online.com/archive/pac.html or any page on that domain.

The search engine site et all : http://www.xav.com


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