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A newbie's question


Let me start this off by informing you that I'm a Mac user and I'm slowly but surely figuring out how to use MHonArc. I'm currently running MHonArc v2.6.10, Perl 5.008001 darwin, Mac OS X 10.3.6.

If I have MHonArc convert and existing mailbox file from Eudora 6.2 I get the following message:

Warning: Could not parse date for message
         Message-Id: <656684ddedf20a53f806ee496a704a16@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

and it says it converted:

1 new messages
1 total messages

I end up with the index pages and one message page. The message has the top and bottom links but the actual message is blank.

If I take the mailbox file and use "Tex-Edit Plus" to change the carriage returns to linefeeds and then save it when I run it through MHonArc I don't get any warning message and end up with the proper number of converted messages.

I understand that this carriage return/linefeed difference is basically a Mac thing. The problem I have with doing it this way, is that Eudora won't read the mailbox after I've changed the carriage returns to line feeds.

Is it possible to have MHonArc deal with this without my having to change the carriage returns to linefeeds beforehand?



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