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Re: Forward messages from mush

(This thread should be on the mharc-users list instead since this has
 to do with using mharc and not mhonarc directly.)

On October 1, 2004 at 16:15, Peter Blajev wrote:

> Any idea how can I setup mhonarch to check Resent-To line
> in the header?

You are actually talking about mharc, not mhonarc.  There are two

1. Patch mharc to include Resent-To when it generates the procmail.mharc
   file.  This is definitely something worth considering.  The patch
   would be to the mk-procmailrc script.

2. Use a Procmail-Condition in your lists.def file instead of Address
   to define your procmail rule.  More information is available
   in the mk-procmailrc manpage:

If you know some Perl, (1) may be the simpliest.


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