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Re: Which architecture to get good Google PR

On July 14, 2004 at 18:16, Claus wrote:

> I have incorporated _mhonarc_ in my website with Google PR 4 an archive of ap
> pr.
> 1000 pages / month.
> After 3 weeks still all of them are blank and stay some days in Google
> and then they are gone and come back after some days.

I'm having problems in understanding.  I am not familiar with "Google PR #".

> b.      mharc is able to group into month or weeks. I would favorate
>         weeks, because its shorter: 250 per week instead of 1000 / month

Week periods are currently not supported in mharc.

> c.      Is there a way to make a  archive-sitemap  canalising the PR
>         to the recent messages?
>         - link to the last message msg00zzz(that is a dynamic task of mharc)
>         - < 50 links (thats the limit told for Google) pointing to
>                 msg00zzz -50, msg00zzz -100, msg00zzz -150, etc.

MULTIPG and IDXSIZE can be used to limit the size of each index page
to specific number of messages.


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